The Aliens sermon series was developed to explore how we relate to the world, its governments, its societies and its people. As a companion to this series, I highly recommend the book linked below, which covers many similar ideas.

Links to all the sermons are provided at the bottom of the document.

Interlude: Alien Song

As a ventriloquist, I love being able to use a puppet to help reinforce a topic I'm talking about. In this case, I used my dodo bird puppet, Jeorge, to sing about being an alien in this world. The tune used is Irish Washerwoman

Alien Song

Well, I’ve never seen one of those green bug-eyed men;
And the Martians don’t stop by for tea now and then;
No rockets or saucers, or men from the moon,
So you might think I’m crazy for singing this tune…

(chorus) But I’m not from this world and I’ll never fit in,
‘Cause I’m not just a simple terrestrian;
My planet is heaven and God is my king
That’s why I say I’m an alien!

And the king of my planet says love is the rule,
And that greedy and arrogant people are fools,
The truth of His scripture is still our best tool
Even though people say that it’s not very cool.

So forgive one another and don’t hold a grudge,
Keep your heart pure and clean from the world’s sinful sludge;
Encourage each other with kind gentle nudges
And don’t be a glutton that eats too much fudge!

Aliens Index

Our allegiance is to our Savior and his heavenly kingdom
A medley of Christian hymns and songs about heaven
Who is this King, the King of the Aliens?
How do aliens interact with the civic and political life of this world?
A song (to the tune of Irish Washerwoman) about being an alien.
Where is the one place where we aren't aliens?
A song to help us remember Christ's beatitudes from the Sermon on the Mount
People of an alien kingdom will naturally have a different culture
What it means to be ambassadors to a foreign kingdom


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